About Kenya Climb

Kenya Climb is a small start up run by me, Oli Rudd, a Uni student from Kenya studying in the UK.

Each chalk bag is handmade out of canvas and Kikoy, a local Kenyan cotton fabric. Both of these are 100% cotton. I have an agenda against plastics, so everything we make is designed without any, hence coconut buttons on our new Mawe bags, no flimsy buckles on any bag, and we’ve even used bamboo fixtures internally for the bit that closes every bag.

Our Craftsman:

Kinuthia is our tailor, he trained as an electrical engineer, but has followed his passion for textiles and set up shop. He has an eye for detail and is always on a mission to make the next bag better than the last.


All our canvas is locally sourced and 100% Cotton. The gauge varies depending on the bag.

Kikoy: Kikoy is a local traditional material often used as a shawl, dress or head garment.

Kitenge: Kitenge is a multicoloured traditional fabric that has a wax printed on to the cotton.

Buttons: made out of discarded coconut shells by a boy on the Kenyan coast who uses his button income to pay for his schooling.

Denim: Upcycled from end of life jeans in second hand markets.

Paracord (Whats going on?? Paracord is plastic?!): Not quite! Its actually nylon, but is still a synthetic fibre that can cause damage to the environment if left in the wrong place. So if it does ever fray or come loose please make sure to take it with you. We are working on finding an alternative.