Theres Knots to Know!

Knot to Worry!

At Kenya Climb we can't stand the plastic bits found on many chalk bags that let you down, snap, and aren't sustainable. This is why we came up with our design that uses the cord itself to adjust the size of the strap.

What happens if it comes loose?!

If your knot comes loose, find your way back to this page for a handy guide on how to tighten or retie your knot. (A far better option that having to deal with a broken plastic buckle!)

If you're here to tighten rather than retie, jump to step 7.

Step 1
Loop the end of the cord that you need to tie back on itself.

(If this is the end with the mini carabiner then loop the cord through the carabiners hole in the process of making your loop)

Step 2
Cross the cord over itself and then return the cord back on itself once more.

(Make sure you've got lots of slack on the tail end of your knot as the next steps will take more cord than you expect! You can adjust the length of your tail in step 6.)

Step 4
Roll the cord over its self 4 times

(These loops need to be loose as you're about to have to thread the end of the cord through the centre of them)

Step 5
Feed the tail cord back through the middle.

(This is the fiddly bit!)

Step 6
Pull the cord on either side & neaten out any overlapping bits

This is also where you can move excess tail back through the knot to the usable side. To do this push on the tail, and roll the loops in your fingers moving the slack to the other side.

Step 7
Pull both sides of the knot

If the knot moves rather than tightens, you're pulling the wrong bit of cord!

If your here just to tighten your knot, this is step one and the final step, well done!

You're all sorted! And haven't created any plastic waste in the process :)